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Dead Body Ambulance Services in Chennai

Dead body Ambulance

We understand that everyone should be transported to their final resting place. We have a variety of hearse vans for last rites. You have the option of using our ambulance, hearse, mortuary van. Last Journey is one of the most dependable dead body transportation services around

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Freezer box service’s

The LastPaths services offer a dead body freezer box for hire. They are made with the intention of preserving the deceased's body. Soon after death, the body may begin to deteriorate and emit a foul odour. Our freezer box services will protect the deceased's body from decomposition and keep it fresh.

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Freezer Box Services Chennai
Cremation Services Chennai

Cremation services

The remorse of losing a loved one is one of the most heartbreaking feelings in the world. Furthermore, preparing for the cremation of a departed loved one is one of the most difficult things to deal with during those heartbreaking moments.

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Dead Body vehicle services

Funeral arrangements are difficult to manage nowadays because there are so many moving parts. A bereaved family is likely to be at a loss for words as to where to begin. This may cause you to make a mistake by relying on relatives or neighbours to arrange transportation for the burial ritual.

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Dead Body Vehicle Services in Chennai
Pandit for Funeral Service Chennai

Pandit for funeral service

Looking for a pandit/priest at odd hours will be difficult at odd hours. Our services will provide all the arrangements that related to the funeral rites. when we are there, our services will offer you to spend the valuable time with your loved ones at the late stage of their life.

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Pre planning funeral service

One of the wisest decisions you can make is to plan ahead of time. It not only allows you to plan a funeral according to your preferences, but it also saves your family a lot of unnecessary hassles. Dealing with loss is already a difficult experience for the family.

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Pre Planning Funeral Services
Asthi Visarjanam Services

Asthi visarjanam service

Asthi Visarjan is a Hindu rite in which you immerse yourself in the ashes and bones of a loved one. According to Hindu texts, sprinkling a loved one's ashes in holy waters can liberate their spirit and help them achieve emancipation.

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Funeral undertakers

Funeral rites will vary depend upon the religion, caste and community. To avoid the conflicts and confusion towards the funeral rites. Give us a call, the next minute our team will be there for you and we can help you with the finest of our services.

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Asthi Visarjanam Services